Dr. Jim Eells and his Journey towards his Profession

Dr. Jim Eells Dr. Jim Eells, a certified and licensed physician is been in the industry for almost 20 years. He is an expert in the field of retainer medicine, which is also known as concierge medicine. When we say concierge medicine, it simply pertains on the relationship between the patient and the primary care physician. The patient pays the physician yearly. On the other side, when the patient needs the doctor, his presence is required whatever happens. He/she must give that premium quality of care through managing a restricted number of patients so he/she can make sure that he has enough time as well as availability for these patients. Also, you must not be confused if other would call retainer medicine as membership medicine, direct cash or cash-only practice. They are all the same. And that is what Dr. Jim Eells is doing right now.

Nowadays, this industry is been developing and at the same time flourishing its practices. People want to achieve an easy way to access the personalized care and doctors, which is one of the reasons why they are now looking for personalized care doctors. Without a doubt, Dr. Jim Eells, provide this kind of service around Las Vegas Nevada. Then, through tradition, concierge medicine is then reacted into wealth and high expenses. However, Dr. Eells as one of the leading physician in Nevada, he is now supplying inexpensive personalized care for every patient he is servicing. Actually, he is one the newest physician in town delivering superior type of personalized care. By doing so, he is giving his patients more chances to get to know more about him.

Dr. Jim Eells

More About Dr. Jim Eells

This doctor graduated right from the University Of Nevada School of Medicine. He got his board certification during 1989 given by America College of Physicians. Prior on his enrolment on the medical school, Dr. Eells is already a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Last 1992, he proudly receives his medical license. That is the beginning of his journey being a licensed physician. Knowing these educational achievements that he gained through the years, it is no doubt that he is so well-experienced in this field. Due to the dedication and excellence that he shown up for his profession, he already received several awards and recognition from the different sectors of the government such as Patient’s Choice Award, America’s Top Physician and so on.

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