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Tom Carnevale. The man who is behind the success of Sentry360 gives way to Launchavidd recently. Launchavidd is a kind of platform which is specifically tailored for the next generation of security products without even taking the possible risk related on the other type of program.

As a response, Thomas Carnevale, as the founder of the company explained that all the wanted is to give innovative and creative user experience regarding with the video surveillance technology so that they could see what is really happening behind the process of development. Several manufacturers just send out specific press release then, eventually they are going to place the newest product on catalogues. The creation of the Launch Avidd was all because they wanted to search the best of its genre in the industry and be able to offer them the freebies so they can test and analyse how it was operating.

Thomas CarnevaleThe campaign for the Tradition Kickstarter is for the investors to be encouraged which will involve them into the first base of the company or concept. These particular products and services requires big sum of amount in order to fund the projects and at the same time provide their investor the privilege in choosing if they are going to invest their money. But, just like any other campaigns out there, the risk on here is also great because chances of losing the money of the investors in inevitable. They can be also drawn into long time holding pattern if the manufacturing process is delayed.

If you think that Launch Avidd Campaign is just the same thing as the other campaigns out there, then you are all wrong. You’d better check it out here http://launchavidd.com. Thomas Carnevale, make sure that the company funded specifically the prototype phase and debugging phase. By now, the very first production is now being examined and evaluated through the professionals of the industry.

This is just one of the future generations of Sentry360’s product. You might don’t know, next time they are going to launch something that will make your jaws drop because of amusement and excitement. We all don’t know that the company, on the leadership of none other than, the brilliant Thomas Carnevale, is already into something right now! They went all along with the advancement of the technology. Let’s us just wait and see what more products can they deliver to help the humankind.

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