The Life Achievement of Andrea Doven

Andrea DovenThere are many women around the world who became popular because of their good personality many people. One of these women who give time in helping organizations is Andrea Doven. Do you know who she is? Andrea Doven is a daughter of Robert Morse, who is a stage and screen actor and with her mother Carole D’ Andrea, who is an original dancer in the film and Broadway and later on help manage one of the top catering company in the city. Her life was full of thrill after she founded her own theatre. This is the start of her dream for herself and also for her family.

Before starting her showbiz career, Andrea first dedicated her life in the world of performing arts. She gives all her best to finish her arts at SUNY Purchase and finally she was proud to show her bachelor degree in performing arts. These experiences and learning she has learned for how many years in college give her a chance and motivation to put up her own theatre in New York City.

Andrea DovenFor nearly twenty years, she became the executive director of Odin Production Company that is owned by Tom Cruise. It was the smartest decision she made on her life because being an executive director moved her career at the top of her dream. Over many years that she ran the everyday operation of the company, she make it more organized and successful. She provides logistical support for the producer and artists engaged in the film all over the world. Those support she made and give in every company personnel made her more skilled woman in terms of organizing and managing personnel. Andrea Doven is known by many people who have worked with her. She is the woman who can handle and run any organization and industry she joins.

In the year 2005, after she gave birth to her son, Lance Doven, she accepted the offers of being executive at the tech company. Andrea Doven has an impressive and extra ordinary record of effectively and establishing personnel at any level.

Those above information are just the summary of what Andrea’s life up today. You can find her as one of those women who made their dream come true in their own way. As such, she is considered to be one of the most remarkable women when it comes to recruiting talents.

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