Neil Dhillon as a Perfect Role Model

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon is a product of an excellent educational institution. With the effective instruction at The American University, he became very knowledgeable and competent. In 1984, he earned a degree in Political Science. In 1988, his dedication on government concerns started to rise. He had a chance to work with Cong. Bob Matsui as a Chief of Staff. President Bill Clinton also trusted him for taking charge on the position of Deputy Asst. Secretary of US Dept. of Transportation in 1993. Through his exceptional services, the President also acknowledge him as a top American appointee during a certain ceremony in White House.

Aside from government dealings, Neil Dhillon also extended his services in private sector. He acted as Director of Media & Public Affairs during his stay at American Academy of Actuaries. Along with the 18,000 members of the professional association, he was able to deal with various personalities. The variety of professions include regulators, consultants, government officials, corporate executives, retired actuaries, and academics. He never show that he is superior and highly authoritative. Dhillon still balance his position as a leader and member as well. His main motivation is service over financial needs. For 6 years, he was able to share his knowledge and abilities with Public Relations. President Clinton’s trust on him never fades and it is evident on the involvement he offer to Dhillon.

Neil Dhillon

He can easily adapt to every environment he goes. As a previous Public Affairs Director (Financial Dynamics), he selflessly offered everything he knows about strategic communications. He worked in behalf of the numerous clients. These clients are organization leaders and executive officials. He was not hesitant about providing effective strategies for the benefit of the clients. With his good communication skills, Dhillon was well-appreciated by many. Most people have seen how hardworking he is on serving both private and government sector. By daily conversation, he gained popularity and understanding.

Employees find him very approachable despite of his intimate connection with President Clinton. They always see Dhillon as a role model. The man has the ability to keep his feet on the ground. Dhillon believes that all people can be an asset to an organization. Without considering much of the material possessions, anyone can establish a good reputation.  Neil Dhillon can be considered as a person who uses his knowledge and skills for the improvement of everybody. He seldom talks about his achievements on past careers. He prefers to just do his job without complaining.

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